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Here's to never watching tv in the dark.

I'm a mod for sylvia_plath.

I'm a senior, a writer, a habitual procrastinator, and an insomniac. I have aspirations of publication (just like everyone else my age) but hope that I'm better than everyone else my age. So, basically, my uniqueness? Like, zero.

I also have a fledgling interest in philosophy, fandoms of every shape and size, royal families and other mildly alliterative things. Really, philosophy is fun. And have you ever read anything about historical royal families? Like a soap opera, with more crazy people.

I also edit things! A lot. And suck at math! A lot

Fandoms include Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, Discworld, the Bronte sisters, Thursday Next, Life on Mars, Orson Scott Card, Diane Duane, etc. I also like bad science fiction movies. Really.